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PcLaptop-Review.com has new management!

PcLaptop-Review is a website that has a long history on the internet. It first appeared in 2006 with the goal of providing quality Laptop and Desktop reviews under a previous owner. But later shut down for unknown reasons, getting purchased by a Japanese company around 2013 then shutting down again around 2015. Then later opening up years later in 2021 under a new owner. That new owner is me! My name is Irvin, I am now the new owner of PcLaptop-Review.com. I will be continuing the mission that my predecessor left behind originally and that was to create an amazing website you can rely on for quality Laptop and Desktop reviews.

Who am I? And am I qualified to review Laptops?

As I mentioned earlier my name is Irvin. I am also the owner of a computer repair store in Las Vegas, Nevada called 702pcrepair.com. At my disposal, I have over 1,000+ Laptops, 50+ Desktops and over 10,000+ computer components/Accessories, I would love to write about. The reason I purchased PcLapTop-Review.com was that I truly love everything to do with PCS.

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